Her Deadly Friend by Rae Sargeant

Her Deadly Friend by Rae Sargeant

Her Deadly Friend by Rae Sargeant – the closer she gets, the more people die.

The Suspect

Bullied by Steph Lewis at school, then betrayed by her lover, Amy Ashby still seethes with fury. Despite the decades-old resentment, she’s on the hunt for a new man and a fresh start. This time for keeps.

The Stalker

When Amy and Steph are stalked by a figure from their shared past, danger threatens.

The Detective

Now Detective Inspector, Steph follows a tip-off to her old rival. After quarrels exploded beyond the playground and changed lives forever, she vowed never to see Amy again. But that was then.

The Deaths

Murder rocks the city. First one, then another. The body count reaches five, and all Steph’s leads point to Amy. But is Steph obsessed with a schoolgirl vendetta or closing in on a deadly killer?

Book 1 of Gleveham Killers Suspense series


‘Her Deadly Friend is a fast paced twisty read from one of my favourite authors’ – JoJo’s Over the Rainbow blog

‘I hope that there will be a follow up to this novel, I enjoyed this one a lot’ – Steph’s Book Blog

‘A good read, a shocking conclusion and I’m looking forward to book 2 in the series’ – Lynda’s Book Reviews

‘a cracking start to a new series’ – Peter Turns the Page Book Reviews


ISBN: 978-1-913793-77-7

Imprint: Hobeck Books

On Sale: 23 August 2022

Format: paperback and eBook

Pages: 318

Purchase: Hobeck Books or Amazon UK

Also available from bookshops and Painswick Rococo Garden