The Perfect Neighbours by Rachel Sargeant

The perfect neighbours tell the perfect lies…

Builds from a creeping sense of unease to a jaw-dropping climax and a denouement I defy anyone to see coming.
Chris Curran, author of Her Deadly Secret
A gripping tale of dark secrets and domestic lies.
Sam Hepburn, author of Her Perfect Life
A riveting, twist-packed thriller that had me hooked from the first page.
Nicki’s Life of Crime
A chilling and cryptic novel, proving just how difficult it is to truly know someone, inside out.
Pretty Little Books

When Helen moves into an exciting new neighbourhood, she finds herself in a web of evil with no escape…

Behind the shutters lies a devastating secret…

When Helen moves to Germany with her loving husband Gary, she can’t wait to join the ex-pat community of teachers from the local International School. But her new start is about to become her worst nightmare…

As soon as the charming family across the way welcome Helen into their home, she begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. Then Gary starts to behave strangely and a child goes missing, vanished without a trace.

When violence and tragedy strike, cracks appear in the neighbourhood, and Helen realises her perfect neighbours are capable of almost anything…

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Perfect Neighbours by Rachel Sargeant
  • ISBN: 9780008276737
  • Imprint: Killer Reads
  • Format: eBook and paperback

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