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Nursing at Gallipoli: Time to Go Home

9 September

Nursing at Gallipoli: Time to Go Home

Before I read Sister Muriel Wakeford’s diary of her time nursing at Gallipoli, I would have assumed she decided to return home in September 1915 because her war-time experiences became exhausting and overwhelming. However, the diary suggests that she left for the very opposite reason:

Thu 2 Sep

Word came from No. 2 Aus. Gen. Hosp. that I with three others were to return to Gezireh. Had permission to stay in Alexandria till Saturday.

Fri 3 Sep

Pleasant day

Sat 4 Sep

Departed at 4pm for Gezireh. Arrived at 8pm.

Sun 5 Sep

Quiet day.

Mon 6 Sep

Most uninteresting

Tue 7 Sep

No change

Wed 8 Sep

Feeling very tired. We are not very busy.

Thu 9 Sep

No change

Fri 10 Sep

No change

Sat 11 Sep

Having a quiet time

Sun 12 Sep

Same again

Mon 13 Sep

Volunteered to go home to Australia with the invalids.


To write Gallipoli: Year of Love and Duty, I had to research not only the Gallipoli Campaign but also Muriel Wakeford as I based the novel on her 1915 diary.

For anyone researching Australian involvement in WW1 from the point of view of the private individual who served, I recommend

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